2019 English Language Student Speech Contest


Date/Time:   Saturday, November 9, 2019 @ 2-2:30pm

Place:          Western Carolina University -- McKee 121

Length of Speech:  3-5 minutes (strictly enforced)

Speech Topic: "The Importance of the German-American Alliance"

Speech Script: 

Contestants must write their own, original speech for the contest. Teachers and others may only make corrections and suggestions but cannot prepare the speech for the contestants. Speeches must be presented in the English language. Speeches should be memorized as much as possible. Points will be deducted for reading or referring to notes.


Contestants must be currently enrolled college students from the Western North Carolina region. Not open to students competing in the German Language Speech Contest.

Prizes:   The winners will win either cash, check, or gift card for:

 1st Place:    $80

2nd Place:    $40

3rd Place:    $30

Judging Criteria:    Judges will select winners according to the following criteria:

Content:  Contents of the speech, originality, style, correct length/timing (speeches exceeding 5 minutes will be 

Voice:      Appropriate volume and speed

Delivery:  Expressiveness, intonation, attitude, eye contact



In order to register for the speech contest, you must first create an account on this system using the 'Create an account' option in the Login Form on the right side of the page. After creating your account, you must log in. If you click the contest registration links without being logged in, you will be returned to the home screen.

You may create your account ahead of time, but contest registration on the site only opens on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 10am on a first come, first served basis. Due to time constraints, participation in this event will be limited to the first 15 students to register. Adjustments to the roster may be made to ensure broad inclusion and representation of different schools. To register for the event, click HERE.


The decisions of the judges in all matters are final.